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We typeset in non-Latin scripts such as Arabic, Bahasa, Chinese, Devanagari, Korean, Russian and Urdu as well as Western. Our typesetters flow the copy-edited text into the client’s chosen book design template – or create a new set of specifications, as required – add in figures, tables and other images, take in proof corrections and, finally, create a print-ready file.


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Vulcan’s Forge in Venus’ City: The Story of Bronze in Venice 1350–1650, by Victoria Avery, Keeper of Applied Arts, Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge (The British Academy for Oxford University Press)

The British Academy gave Bourchier a free hand in the production of this seminal book, the result of over ten years’ research in the Venetian archives. Design and copy-editing were key tasks. In consultation with the author, the designer chose to divide the book into three sections, interleaving the 400 photographs between the main text and the monumental corpus of original documents, to create an elegant and authoritative reference volume.

Painting in Britain 1500–1630: Production, Influences and Patronage, edited by Tarnya Cooper, Aviva Burnstock, Maurice Howard and Edward Town (The British Academy and the National Portrait Gallery)

This lavishly illustrated colour volume, encompassing the disciplines of art history, material culture, social and economic history, urban and regional history, material sciences, painting conservation and pigment analysis, spanned over 400 pages, arranged in three parts across 24 chapters by different authors. Bourchier oversaw all the production processes and stages, including design – the book won an award from the Historians of British Art Book Prize Committee for its ‘stunningly beautiful format’.

  • “On behalf of the Historians of British Art Book Prize Committee, I am pleased to inform you that Painting in Britain, 1500–1630: Production, Influences, and Patronage has won the prize for best multi-authored work for 2015. … Congratulations for a volume that really stood out for its integration of formal, technical, and art-historical insights in a stunningly beautiful format.”

    Douglas Formham, Associate Professor of Art History, University of Virginia
  • “Wow! The book looks ravishing. I hope you are as proud as I am because you jolly well should be.”

    Richard Havers, co-author, Bob Wyman”s Treasure Island
  • “The layout looks spectacular!”

    Dr Eyal Poleg, author of A Material History of the Bible, England 1200–1553 (British Academy)