Jacket design

Capturing attention, provoking thought

Bourchier creates bespoke book designs and jackets, carefully sculpted for their relevance to the book’s content, sometimes in abstract terms to represent the essence of that content visually to maximum effect. Everything from subtle variations in colour to font selection can impact on the tone of a cover, and our designers are experts at working with such subtleties to create attractive and thought-provoking layouts.


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Daniel Moore, Insane Acquaintances (British Academy, forthcoming 2020)

This jacket illustrates how good designers immerse themselves in a book’s message and milieu. Rejecting the image originally supplied with the manuscript, the designer here based his final abstract design on contemporary styles, using Futura and Gill Sans fonts and images reflecting Surrealist exhibition notepaper and work by the avant-garde artist David Bomberg. This cultural knowledge and sensitivity notwithstanding, a keen practical eye led him to make the backdrop black instead of white so that the book title is clearly legible.

Ceren Özpınar and Mary Kelly, Under the Skin: Feminist Art and Art Histories from the Middle East and North Africa Today (British Academy, forthcoming, 2020).

Here is another of several potential designs for this forthcoming publication for the British Academy. The many versions under consideration for this title is typical of the collaborative working practices between publisher, author and cover designer.