Commercial corporations

For internal documentation and annual reports, we understand how to adapt messages to communicate across regions and across internal corporate communities. We work in Arabic, Bahasa, Chinese, Dutch, English, Farsi, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Urdu – copy-editing, proof-reading, typesetting and translating.

Capgemini Annual Report 2010

Bourchier has worked on six annual reports for Capgemini and other key documents for this global corporation. Remotely, we edit, translate and rewrite initial drafts of the reports. This is followed by a fortnight’s intense teamwork on site in Paris where we oversee and fine-tune the translations, ensure that the French and English versions tally – and that last-minute changes to one are carried over into the other version. Our final task is to proof-read the final files – sometimes at the printer’s, immediately before publication.

Veolia Water

Working with the Communications Department, we cosset the English text to ensure that it matches the French version and yet delivers the appropriate message to the company’s English-speaking readers across the globe. This process involves, in addition to translation, editing, proof-reading, comparing the two language versions at every stage, from initial Word document to final PDF mock-up. In the example featured here, we changed the translation of the French headline « Point d’eau, plein de vie ! » from the literal ‘Source of water, source of life’ to the more idiomatic ‘A splash of life’ in order to give a clearer projection of the fountain concept.

On schedule and a great sense of adaptation to the context … accuracy and precision of a subtle delicacy

Olivier Foëx, Ethics & Compliance, Capgemini

You are coordinating such a staggering amount of stuff and doing a wonderful job.

David Hoopes, Professor of Management, California State University
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