Pre-publication service for authors who want to refine their texts before submission to a publisher – we copy-edit to eliminate errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and also advise on tone, structure and presentation. Book production and publication – via our sister company, Bourchier Books, we offer bespoke personal guidance to achieve successful publication and promotion.

Bona Malwal


Bona Malwal is a visiting academic at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, distinguished journalist and highly regarded influencer in the peace process in Sudan. Bourchier is privileged to have been offered two of Bona’s books for publication: Abyei of the Ngok Dinka: Not Yet South Sudan; and his current manuscript, In My Father’s Footsteps, a record of his life in politics, forthcoming, 2019.

Academic authors


Professor  Dr Maarten E.R.G.N. Jansen, Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University, approached us about copy-editing some chapters in a forthcoming volume for publication with Brill. This was both a technical copy-edit and a language edit to naturalize the idiom and expression in chapters written by non-native English speakers. This is typical of the work we undertake for authors and publishers worldwide. Our editor followed the Brill author style guide.

Bob Ryan


Bob Ryan, a professor of finance and much sought-after lecturer with many academic books to his name, is also an experienced and talented photographer. Bourchier managed the production of his book The Master Photographer: the journey from good to great, and published the work though our sister company, Bourchier Books. Here Bob is at the printers checking the quality of the black-and-white images as they come off the press, making last-minute adjustments to minimize any magenta tints.

You stuck tenaciously to your guns but weren’t above occasionally giving in when something meant very much to me. The result shows the harmony, and professionals who matter have noticed this.

Eric Hazelhof-Rozema, author of In Pursuit of Life (Sutton Publishing)

Taking a pile of pages of text and images and making a book …. using skills the reader takes for granted

Douglas Boyd, author of Eleanor, April Queen (Sutton Publishing)
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