Academic journals

Our team of experienced editors are subject specialists in their own right and provide a peer-to-peer service to academic journals. We currently have specific expertise in:

  • Art History
  • Asian Studies
  • Economics
  • History
  • Literary Criticism
  • The Middle East
  • Politics
We are accustomed to tight deadlines and provide a fast turnaround service.

French History, edited by Julian Wright and Penny Richards (Oxford Journals)

Bourchier has been copy-editing this journal for some seven years. We also collaborated with OUP and the journal editors in updating the journal’s style sheet and word list. The copy-editing requires knowledge of French and French bibliographical conventions.

Oxford Art Journal

The Oxford Art Journal has an international reputation for publishing innovative critical work in art history and has played a major role in recent rethinking of the discipline. It is committed to the political analysis of visual art and material representation from a variety of theoretical perspectives, and has carried work addressing themes from Antiquity to contemporary art practice. Bourchier copy-edits the article manuscripts and featured book reviews.

Voluntaristics Review, edited by David Horton Smith (Brill USA)

Engaged as copy-editor from the journal’s inception in 2015, Bourchier also assisted in creating the journal’s style guidelines. The title, Voluntaristics Review, offers a new label for this interdisciplinary field, which focuses on various aspects of voluntaristics as an international and interdisciplinary field and as an emerging academic discipline.

Thanks for the great help and guidance.  It has been a great pleasure working with you. We are very pleased with the outcome and the contribution.

Karel Cool, Professor of European Competitiveness at INSEAD

All authors and editors have appreciated the Bourchier team’s keen eye and thorough editing ... making collaborating a valuable pleasure.

Victoria Menson, Assistant Editor, BRILL USA, Inc.
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