Every publisher knows that editing covers a spectrum of activities and means different things to different people. For all projects we correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, impose a consistent house style, check and style references. Heavier editing can improve fluency and clarity. Or you can ask for yet more significant intervention to restructure the text and adapt the tone or register of language.

Bourchier offers all the standard categories of editing:

  • structural editing and rewriting
  • copy-editing (on screen and hard copy)
  • anglicizing and Americanizing
  • proof-reading (PDF and hard copy mark-up)
  • transcreation
  • proof collation

We also specialize in polishing texts that have been translated into English or written by non-native English speakers. This requires a particular skill, with sensitivity to language, nuance and cultural perceptions. Bourchier can assign experts in this field.

All these services are available in print and digital formats for:

  • journal articles
  • academic monographs
  • fiction
  • contributed books
  • illustrated books
  • encyclopaedias
  • museum catalogues
  • brochures
  • reports
  • corporate communications

Thank you very much for all your wonderful work and sensitive expert editing.

Professor Sabry Hafez, SOAS