A resource for publishing with confidence

Bourchier provides all the services that lead to publication  – for books, articles, encyclopaedias, museum catalogues, corporate reports and brochures, in print and digital formats.

Global outlook, benchmark standards

We have wide experience of working internationally. Our network of specialist associates extends across many countries and we can work in multiple languages.  

Bourchier is a benchmark for editorial excellence, combining academic rigour with industry expertise. We enjoy long-standing relationships with leading academic and cultural institutions, publishing houses and global enterprises.

What we do

  • editing – for precision and consistency
  • rewriting – for clarity and impact
  • project management – carrying through the book production processes
  • consultancy – improving in-house resources, advising on strategic development
  • translation – in multiple languages
  • publishing – under our own imprint
... one of the best pre-production craftspeople I have encountered in a career that spans twenty-five years and more than thirty-five published volumes with five (or more) different publishers ... a great ear for language and a keen eye for detail ... precise, punctual, and understanding.
Erik Jones, Professor of European Studies and international political econoMY, JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY