How we work

The Bourchier ethos

Teamwork – our motto is 'together we can succeed'. Teamwork is key to what we do: in selecting the right people for the job, in liaising in-house with each other, in working closely with you to ensure you receive a personal, bespoke service.

Reliability – a core value. As a family business, we set great store by building relationships of trust and understanding. You need to know that you can come to us again and again – to explore a concept, to develop and execute a project.

Understanding – you will find we do our best to identify with your outlook, way of doing things, needs. But also, because of our international background, we understand the challenge of communicating between and across cultures.

Flexibility – whether you prefer a turnkey approach, fully delegating to us, or hands-on collaboration, we fuse our industry expertise with an ability to adapt and create fresh ideas to meet your objectives.

Quality control – the key across all stages of a project. In administration and scheduling, in editorial services and financial control, scrupulous attention to detail is what counts. For this we have developed an ongoing, top-down process of quality control with checks at each phase.

This is our formula for excellence.

A wonderful professional, showing commitment to the project and adding value to the book. This is my 6th book and my best experience.

Professor Andrés Hatum, IAE Business SchooL