Since childhood Elizabeth has been drawn to the power of words, spoken and written.

An Open Scholarship to read History at Lawrence of Arabia’s old college in Oxford led to a First Class Honours degree. Her long-standing commitment to publishing began with Flammarion in Paris, where, as Reader, she advised on which of their history titles could be successfully published in English. 

Her subsequent career took her to Switzerland and South America. In Athens she reorganized and managed the editing and translation department of the Foundation of the Hellenic World, a cultural foundation that published books, multimedia educational material and over 40,000 webpages on the Hellenistic world, compiled by a 40-strong in-house research team. Back in the UK, appointed managing editor of Sutton Publishing, she oversaw the publication of over 200 history and general interest titles a year.

I am fortunate that the business of words is now enmeshed in my everyday work. Whether in the reflective pace of poetry or the quick-fire of email, the classical elegance of a Gibbonian phrase or the punchy, concise impact of a corporate report, 'words matter, meaning counts' – to paraphrase one of my client’s slogans.

With her husband, David, she collects rare books, the oldest from the fifteenth century.